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Process DER Applications in Few Minutes.

Automate processing distributed energy resource (DER's) applications such as solar and energy storage using state of art technical screening software solution.

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Use latest distribution models.
All the way up to the meter.

We help utilities clean up power distribution models and help automate periodic model update. Use upto date distribution model for processing customer's distributed energy resource (DER) application. We can integrate with industry standard simulators such as Cyme, Synergi, Windmill and OpenDSS.

Use 8760 Analysis.
Adopt SMART Inverter Settings when necessary.

Forget conventional heuristics. Use full year time series simulation to understand the impact of DER applications on the grid.

Adopt new PUC requirements As they come in.

Develop new screening template as new requirements arrive right from the user interface within minutes. Use pilot roll out to test in smaller geographical area before using for entire territory.